Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ghin Khao

Address: 242 Swanston St., Melbourne VIC

Phone: (03) 9663 3345

Opening Hours: 10:30 AM-10:00PM

Price: AUS$5-20++

Staff: Nice but slow

Crushing on: Green Curry Chicken

Crush Level: 7/10

During the previous month, my family came to visit me in Melbourne. On one occasion, we went out to eat at a random restaurant in cbd area. As we were walking, we found a Thai restaurant that was quite crowded so we decided to eat there.

What I found interesting about the restaurant is their super BIG menu but it also became a nuisance for me because the table was pretty small and there were 6 of us.

Some of the pictures were accidentally deleted by me, so I just discuss those that I have on my phone. I chose the Thai style fried rice with seafood, which was okay. It was a bit sweet for me though. If it were less sweet I would say that the fried rice was perfect.
Thai Style Seafood Fried Rice
The other photo that I manage to save on my phone is the green curry chicken. I’m so thankful that I still have the picture because I have so much to say about it. First of all, the curry broth was savory. It had a perfect amount of seasoning and the chicken, carrots and everything were cooked well. Thumbs up!

Green Curry Chicken
To conclude, everything about this restaurant was good except for the slow service.


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Friday, September 5, 2014

Wat Da Pho

Address: 212 Clarendon St, South Melbourne VIC

Phone: 03 9696 5605

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (11.30AM-3.30PM) (5.30PM-9.30PM)
                                    Sat (12PM-9PM)

Staff: Attentive

Price: AUS$3.50-$11.80

Crushing on: Tai Nam-Classic pho

Crush Level: 8/10

That night, I neither felt like having dinner at a far restaurant or cooking so I chose to visit a Vietnamese restaurant in the neighbourhood called Wat Da Pho. It was my third visit and the service was still excellent.

I opted for the TaiNam Classic pho ($9.80) with rare sliced beef and beef brisket. The broth was awesome. It was savory. The meat was tender as well. I can’t get enough of this pho.
TaiNam Classic Pho ($9.80)


My sister, who had been my dining partner for the past one and a half months, decided to order DacBiet- The Lot ($11.80) and it really was a LOT. There were rare sliced beef, beef brisket, tendon, tripe, and beef meatballs in the dish. The flavor was more or less the same with the Classic, which is great. She seemed to enjoy her dish too.

DacBiet The Lot ($11.80)
I think my review has summed it all. This restaurant is so worthy to be visited.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Andy's Yum Cha House

Address: 13 Napier St Essendon, VIC

Phone: 03 9370 9888

Opening Hours: WED-SUN: Lunch (11AM-3PM), TUE-SUN (5PM-9PM)

Staff: Need to be more careful

Price: AUS$6-35

Crushing on: Fried Pork Dumpling

Crush Level: 7/10

The insane day began as I encountered a mentally ill man on the tram. Continued on, I was offered a job as an accountant by a stranger. Plus, I was nearly kicked out by the staff in this restaurant.

Maybe, there was still a bit of luckiness in me as a happy old couple finished their lunch just in time and offered their seats to us (me and my sister).

Our first choice of dish was the fried prawn dumpling. The dish was well seasoned and the skin was perfectly crispy.
Fried Prawn Dumplings
We also ordered a crispy pork dumpling, which we thought as being similar to what we had in Mr. Huang Jin (should have read the menu carefully). The dumpling was a bit sticky and the pork was sweet. The skin reminded me of onde (indonesian snack) without the sesame seeds.
Crispy Pork Dumpling
Next, we had a pork ribs. The ribs were tender and the seasoning was correct. Tasty!
Pork Ribs

The last dish was the chicken siumai. It wasn't really remarkable though.

Chicken Siumai
The food was all right but the staff needs to be more careful. We waited for more than half an hour to eat our Xiao Long Bao, which never come out. When we asked for the bill, we were quite surprised to see a dish that we neither ordered nor ate. I couldn’t blame the staff, as he was the only one there who worked as a waiter also a cashier.


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Monday, August 18, 2014


Address: 33 Dukes Walk, Southbank, VIC

Phone: 03 9245 9900

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun (12  PM-4PM), (6PM-Late)

Staff: Well Trained

Price: AUS$6-90

Crushing on: Sashimi, Chilli Ponzu Barramundi, and Tonkatsu

Crush Level: 8/10

When my sister and I were walking to DFO South Warf, we made a plan to eat lunch there. 

I opted for the Special Set A with Salmon Sashimi, Tonkatsu, Miso Soup, and salad ($20). I really like the Tonkatsu and the sashimi. The tonkatsu was crispy. The sauce had a perfect balance of sweet and saltiness. It paired well with the mayo sauce.
Set A ($20)
The sashimi was really good. It was fresh and the chef cut it excellently.

Salmon Sashimi
The miso soup and the salad were nice as well.

Miso Soup


My sister ordered Special Set B with Tempura, Salmon Sashimi, Wagyu Udon, and Salad. The tempura was very crunchy and well seasoned.

Set B ($20) 
The wagyu was really tender. However, she said that the udon had nothing special on it.

Wagyu Udon

After my first visit, I brought my family there. My brother in law also opted for the special set B. He was super pleased with it. He kept saying that the meat was pleasingly tender.

I myself wanted to try the sashimi moriawase ($33/9pcs), as I knew that the salmon sashimi was perfect. And my expectation was right! The sashimi(s) were fresh and tantalizing. In addition, the seaweed was tasty as well. My favorite was the scallop.
Sashimi Moriawase (Salmon-Kingfish-Scallop-Tuna) ($33)

My tummy was not satisfied enough, so I opted for another two dishes. One was chilli ponzu barramundi ($28) and the other one was the hiramasa namerou ($16).

The barramundi was extremely good. The fish was succulent and the chili ponzu broth was beautiful in taste. The bokchoy, corn, tofu, and mushroom complimented the dish well.
Chilli Ponzu Barramundi ($28)

The last dish was very nicely done as well. The flavor of the wasabi in the kingfish tartare was quite strong but it was not too spicy. Instead, it was refreshing. The rice cracker was crunchy enough to please me.
Hiramasa Namerou ($16)

The food here was no joke. Surely, I will be back more often to taste other delightful dishes.
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