Monday, June 30, 2014

Yami Yami

Address: 389 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 03 9670 3323

Staff: Friendly

Price: $9-75

Crushing on: Chuncheon Spicy Chicken

Crush Level: 6/10

A week before, my sister (who just landed in Melbourne) and I came to a conclusion to try a Greek Restaurant called Aspro Ble in Lonsdale Street. It turns out that the restaurant has been redecorated as a street style Greek Restaurant, which serve simpler food and doesn’t have the same reputation as before. Therefore, we agreed to visit a different restaurant.

When we were looking for a restaurant to be visited, the smell from Yami Yami stimulated our nose and brain to come into the restaurant. The restaurant itself was quite small compared to other Korean restaurants that I have been visited.

My sister was very attracted with the Chuncheon Spicy Chicken ($38) and I found that many customers were eating that so we decided to order the dish with additional cheese and ramyeon ($5 each). The chicken was tender and well seasoned. However, the portion was too big that we couldn’t finish it. Also, it was too spicy for me. I ate the leftover at home with some rice and it was much better. I should have order additional fried rice.
Chuncheon Spicy Chicken ($38)
We also got a compliment of hot steamed egg. It was soft and flavorful but my tongue was burned because I tasted it after eating the spicy chicken.
Steamed Egg

The chuncheon chicken was fine but I don’t feel that it was fantastic despite its tantalizing fragrance. Next time, I’m going to try the pork belly instead.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shimbashi Soba and Sake Bar

Shimbashi Soba and Sake Bar

Address: 17 Liverpool Street, Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 03 9654 6727

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat (11.30AM-2.30PM), (6PM-10PM)

Staff: Helpful

Price: AUS$8-28

Crushing on: Kamonan Soba Warm

Crush Level: 7.5/10

Winter is already here. The cold breeze made me craving for some hot soup. I was thinking about going to a ramen restaurant but I guessed visiting a soba restaurant will be better, as there have been many ramen restaurants back home in Jakarta.

After half an hour of surfing the internet (I always do research before coming to a restaurant), I found that Shimbashi soba is the only restaurant that specialize in soba (If I am not mistaken). Not just soba, they also serve other Japanese meal such as gyoza, sashimi, okonomiyaki and so on. Japanese alcoholic drinks are served here as well.
Free Salad
I tried the Kamonan Soba Warm ($19) and it was so delicious. The seasoning was accurate. On top of that the duck meat was tender. The noodle was superb, not hard and not too chewy. It was truly heartwarming.
Kamonan Soba Warm ($19)

I forgot to mention that I went here with Lidia. She didn’t have an appetite to eat noodle so she opted for the gyoza ($8). She fell in love with it. She said that it was the best gyoza that she has ever eaten.
Gyoza ($8)
Our lunch is not complete without desserts. Hence, I opted for the Sake Pudding ($5) and Lidia opted for the Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Beans ($4.50). The sake pudding was nice when I first tasted it but it’s getting sour the more I ate it due to the citrus jam.
Sake Pudding ($5)
I feel that Lidia is getting lucky with her desserts these days. The green tea was not too sweet. For me, it was satisfying. However, my sugar-loving friend was not pleased with it, as it was too bitter for her.
Green Tea Ice Cream ($4.50)
Last but not least, I also ordered the Ujicha Umeshu ($7.50). It is a green tea infused plum wine. It was somewhat sweet yet a bit bitter. Also, the aroma of the green tea was quite strong. The ujicha umeshu was tasty but I prefer the original flavor of umeshu.
Ujicha Umeshu ($7.50)
When it comes to soba, nothing can beat this restaurant. Shimbashi soba is one of several must eats during winter.

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Monday, June 23, 2014


Il Gambero
Address: 166 Lygon St, Carlton, VIC

Phone: 03 9663 2246

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat (11.30AM–3PM), (5PM–10PM)
                                  Sun (11.30AM–10PM)

Staff: Helpful

Price: AUS$10-43

Crushing on: Marroncino

Crush Level: 5.5/10

There are SO MANY Italian Restaurants in Lygon St, which made me determined to explore one of them with my housemate, Lidia. I chose to visit Il Gambero because it has a good reputation (which is questionable).

We were greeted by a friendly male staff and seated inside the restaurant. After seated, we ordered our food straight away. Lidia went for the Penne Carbonara (entry size: $12.90). It was well seasoned. Not too salty yet not too creamy.
Penne Carbonara
As Lidia went for the creamy sauce pasta, I decided to go for the Penne Marinara (main size: $22.90). On the contrary, my pasta didn’t turn out well. It was bland. What’s worse? One of the shrimps still had shells on it. When I was telling the staff that the pasta was bland, he offered me some salt and pepper from the next table. Thank you for your effort, but I prefer my dish to be seasoned perfectly before it is served on the table. Furthermore, I had almost finished eating.
Penne Marinara
Initially, Lidia ordered the Warm Chocolate Brownies but it was sold out. So, she went for the Marroncino ($8.90) instead. I think she made an excellent choice. When you put it in your mouth, you will first taste the sweetness of the chocolate, followed by the freshness of the peppermint. It was divine.
I ordered the Tiramisu with Vanilla Ice Cream ($11.90) as my last course. It tasted like the usual tiramisu. Nothing special.
Okay so the food here was good but there isn’t any WOW elements in it to make me crushing on this restaurant. (Except for the Marroncino).

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Friday, June 20, 2014

G2 Korean BBQ

G2 Korean BBQ
Address: 301 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 03 9642 3424

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (12pm-3pm; 6pm-11pm),
                                  Sat-Sun (12pm-4pm; 6pm-11pm)   

Staff: Nice & Helpful

Price: $10-25

Crushing on: Bulgogi Bibimbab

Crush Level: 7.5/10

I have had so many version of Bibimbab from many different restaurants but I had never tasted something like this. I think I know why one of my friends suggested ordering the Bulgogi Bibimbab at G2. It was my second time ordering the dish but I never get bored of it. In fact, I am quite addicted to it.

They used red rice instead of white rice. Several other ingredients such as beansprout, zucchini, mushroom, carrot, beef bulgogi, and egg were added to the dish. I have to say that this Bulgogi Bibimbab was heavenly. The ingredients were perfectly cooked. Also, the two sauces (chili sauce and sweet soy sauce) made the flavor more exciting.

Bulgogi Bibimbab
After Mixing
The chilli sauce was not too spicy and if you read my previous posts I had mentioned that I can’t eat spicy food well. The sweet soy sauce was delightful. I kept pouring them on my Bibimbab.
Sweet Soy Sauce and Chilli Sauce 

The other table kept on looking at our dish and I saw that they decided to order the same one. Yes, that’s how mouthwatering the dish was. 

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