Sunday, November 30, 2014


Address: 180 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 03 9650 8688

Opening Hours: SUN-THURS (11:00 AM-11:00 PM),
        FRI-SAT (11:00 AM- midnight)

Staff: Welcoming

Price: AUS$3-69

Crushing on: New England Lobster Roll

Crush Level: 7.5/10

After we finished our first exam, Jesslyn, Lidia, and myself decided to enjoy ourselves and forget about our studies by eating out at Supernormal. Chef Andrew McConnell, the guy behind Cumulus Inc, Cutler&co and few other notable restaurants, is the owner of it. Therefore, I was expecting some outstanding dishes.

Being the first customer on that day, we were greeted and escorted happily by the staff to the table near the bar. We took about 10 minutes to order as all things on the menu sounded delicious.

After we were done ordering our meals, the staff gave us a small plate of pumpkin seeds as a compliment. The pumpkin seeds were great in holding our hunger.

Pumpkin Seeds
The first appetiser that we order was the Sea Urchin with Seaweed Cracker ($5 each). The delicate sea urchin was placed on top of the crispy seaweed cracker.  It was lovely. Plus, the onion pieces had a strong flavor that made the dish even better. (Sorry, I deleted the picture by mistake when I was editing it.)

Next, we had the Tuna, Ponzu, & Togarashi ($18). The chunky pieces of tuna combined with the salty yet sour ponzu created a refreshing and fulfilling dish. Although I could see that they put much togarashi (chili pepper) in it, it was not spicy at all.

Tuna, Ponzu, & Togarashi ($18)
The cold rolled pork belly ($16) was a bit spicy so I couldn’t it many of them. The pancake roll was soft while the yuxiang sauce made the dish sweet, sour, also salty and spicy in taste. The pork belly was not tough at all.

Cold Rolled Pork ($16)
Lidia had been craving for Duck Bao ($26 – duck leg) so she ordered one. It came with vinegar and plum sauce. The duck leg skin was crispy but not hard bitten and the meat was succulent. The plum sauce was sweet and salty in taste. I didn’t try the bao but Lidia said that it was fluffy and tasted beautiful.

Duck Bao ($26-Duck Leg)
Our hero of the day was the New England Lobster Roll ($16). Thick lobster meat placed between a soft yet crunchy bun, drizzled with a wonderfully portioned mayonnaise. Fantastic!

New England Lobster Roll ($16)
We also ordered some desserts. One was the Peanut Butter Parfait ($15) that Lidia ordered and the other two were the Soft Serve Pink and Miso Lady Ice Cream ($9). Lidia said that her dessert tasted a tad too sweet so it was difficult to finish it.

Peanut Butter Parfait ($15)
I was a little upset at first due to the yoghurt-like flavor that the ice cream had. However, as time went by it became addictive. The sourness kept us from being bellyful.

Soft Serve Pink and Miso Lady Ice Cream ($9)

I was thankful of the fact that Supernormal does not dissatisfy me. I’m looking forward to order more of its lobster roll in the future. It was the best.

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