Thursday, April 23, 2015

Criniti's - Melbourne

Address: 198-204 Faraday St, Carlton Vic 3053

Phone: 1300 274 648

Opening Hours: 08:00 AM-12:00 AM

Staff: Helpful

Price: AUS$8-150++

Crushing On: Big Breakfast; Rafaello Gelato

Crush Level: 7.5/10

Date of Visit: 13/03/2015

Criniti’s is a well-known Italian restaurant chain based in Sydney. They have already opened 5 restaurants in New South Wales and now they are expanding into Melbourne.

On the day my friend, L, and I were strolling along Lygon to find some tempting eatable goodies, we stumbled upon the newest branch of Criniti’s. From the outside, I didn’t see it as a luxurious restaurant but wow when I stepped into the restaurant, it was absolutely stunning! Especially the VIP area and the bathroom! Yup, the bathroom! You should see it yourselves.



Profiteroles ($4.50)
I know it is weird but I decided to eat my dessert a little earlier than usual. The profiterole was a great starter. Fluffy choux pastry filled with light and smooth custard, powdered with caster sugar, topped with whipped cream and a slice of strawberry. Such a polished dessert.

Big Breakfast ($19) – Eggs on toast with bacon, pan fried mushrooms, sausages, roasted tomato, sautéed baby spinach, hash-brown, avocado & semi-dried tomatoes. 
I love the mushrooms! They were spongy yet crispy. Furthermore, the eggs were perfectly runny and the main thing is this platter was carby, brunchy, and insanely tasty.

Rafaello Gelato ($4.50)
I started my brunch with a dessert and I also finished it with a dessert. The spinning gelato wheel lured me into ordering one. I opted for the ever so good rafaello gelato.  The bomb of sweetness tingled my tongue. Let the world know that chocolate, coconut, and almond are outstanding buddies. 


Mocha ($4)
My friend’s mood booster. 

Iced Chocolate ($4)
Just another average iced chocolate, nothing special and nothing to be complained. 

The desserts and breakfast platter were praiseworthy but the drinks were unremarkable. As for the other mains such as the pasta, pizza, and so on, I can’t give my opinion about them because I haven’t tried them. But for now, I think it is a pleasant restaurant with decent food and interior.
#Most of the pics here were taken by my friend, L, so give some applause to her!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Heartattack and Vine

Address: 052/329 Lygon Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Phone: 03 9005 8624

Opening Hours: 07:00AM – 11:00PM

Staff: Friendly

Crushing On: Poached Prawn Brioche

Crush Level: 7/10

Date of Visit: 12/03/2015

Heartattack and Vine is a little modern Italian café or you may say a restaurant located at the renowned center of Italian food (Lygon). The restaurant was just opened less than a year ago. At Heartattack and Vine, you can grab a table wherever you want (indoor or outdoor) but you have to order at the cashier and the staff will deliver the food at your table.


Poached Prawn Brioche
The buns were lovingly pillowy and the prawns were cooked well with a tidy spread of mayo-based sauce.

Porchetta Roll
I didn’t try it but the scent of the herbs was dominant.

People say in Melbourne you have to finish your meal with a cup of aromatic coffee

I appreciate the fast and attentive service. It is a good place for us, students, to grab a lunch in the middle of break between classes. But for the food, I don’t think they serve one of the best roll here in Melbourne. It was still enjoyable though. 

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Left Handed Chef

Address: 2/219 Park St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Phone: 03 9645 5800

Opening Hours: MON, WED-FRI (7:30 AM-04:30 PM),
                  SAT-SUN (8:30 AM-4:30 PM)

Staff: Very Welcoming

Crushing On: Shakshuka

Crush Level: 7/10

Date of Visit: 07/03/2015

The Left Handed Chef is a small café located at South
Melbourne. It serves brunches, desserts, breads, and coffees. It was pretty much 10-minutes walk from my house but since my mom was here, we decided to take the tram.

The Green Breakfast – Multigrain Toast Spread with Herbed Pea Mash, 2 Poached Eggs, Roasted Asparagus & Salsa Verde

My mom’s favorite. My mom is a veggies freak so she was kind of excited when the plate came out. It smelled remarkably healthy but I didn’t touch it even for a little so I don’t know exactly how it tasted.


The bread bowl was quite huge. You have to open the lid to discover such lovely two baked eggs relaxing on top of the tomato sauce. This shakshuka was different from any other shakshuka that I have ever devoured. Both in terms of presentation and flavor. I found a lot of restaurants serving shakshuka on a frying pan and I think the shakshuka cooked by The Left Handed Chef had a more intense tomato flavor. The dish was enjoyable but it was a bit full filling so I didn’t finish it. Even the friendly lady staff told me that most customers were unable to finish half of it.

My mom ordered it and she said the coffee was not strong enough.

We had a pleasant brunch time at The Left Handed Chef though the coffee was a bit off. I think this little café is worthy to be visited once in a while and I’m looking forward to make a visit on the upcoming Thursdays since they only serve nutella doughnuts on that particular day. 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lucy Liu Melbourne

Address: 23 Oliver Lane, Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 03 9639 5777

Opening Hours: 11:00 AM – Late

Staff: Attentive

Price: AUS$4-65

Crushing On: Lucy Liu Wagyu Beef F1 7+; Crispy Banana Fritters

Crush Level8/10

Date of Visit: 28/02/2015

Warning!!!! This restaurant is not owned by the actress who played as Alex Munday (Charlie’s Angels).

Lucy Liu is one of the trendiest restaurants in Melbourne CBD. The place is always packed with customers even at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. My friend (J) and I were so lucky that we were able to grab a table despite the crowd. Of course, we were notified by the staff that we had to leave in 2 hours as the table had been reserved by someone else but that’s perfectly fine as long as we got to nibble on the food.


Tempura Soft Shelled Crab ($16)

Beautiful textural crunch of tempura paired with a distinguished smell of basil, drenched in a Thai nam jim sauce, which tasted both sour and salty. While I found lots of chili pieces, the soft crab wasn’t spicy at all.

Wagyu Beef F1 7+ ($38)
OMG! The plate has taken away the innocence of my taste buds. So juicy, so tender, so succulent! Just look at those intriguing pinky flesh! Both complements were incredible. The yakiniku sauce was rich while the mustard horseradish was subtle but a dot spicy. The mustard sauce tasted kind of similar to wasabi.

Chocolate Dulce de Leche ($ 15)

Nope, that’s not an orange juice with chocolate pudding. That’s blood orange foam. The blood orange had powerfully sour and citric flavors, which was toned down by the sweetness of the chocolate. I think the people behind it were amazingly creative.

Crispy Banana Fritters ($15)
Crispiest banana fritters ever! It was so crispy that you can hear it break under the spoon. Love the sesame flecks and the sweetness. My friend, J, called it “banana fritters at a completely different level”. It also had a divine unity with the cold and revitalising coconut ice cream.

Lucy Liu had magnificently exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I am obsessed with the wagyu beef and the crispy banana fritters. The next time I’m going to the restaurant, I will definitely make a booking beforehand because I don’t want to miss out on those beef and banana fritters.

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