Saturday, June 13, 2015


Address: 31 Flinders lane, Melbourne

Phone: 03 8686 7300


Staff: Welcoming

Food Price: AUS$4.5-20

Crushing On: Adobo Chicken Quesadilla & Meatball Burrito

Crush Level: 8/10

Date of Visit: 14/03/2015

Today I’ll be writing about one of the most well-known Mexican restaurant chains in Melbourne called Fonda. As I was there on Saturday night, the place was very crowded but luckily we got a table in just about 5 minutes. Oh and we have to order at the counter and they will bring the food to the table.


Tortilla Crisps ($9)
They were super crisp and light. But what I liked the most about the dish was the casa-made guacamole and salsa. They were explosive. The guacamole was topped with some pomegranates so when you stuff it in your mouth, the pomegranates will just burst in flavor.

Mexican Meatball Burrito ($15)

Although the tortilla was a bit thick, it was not hard to be chewed at all. In fact, it was super soft. On the other hand, the meatball was juicy, tender, and phenomenal! It was just seasoned magnificently and look at those meaty burritos!

Adobo Chicken Quesadilla ($15)

The quesadilla was tasty, filly, and cheese-y but what I love about the plate was the jalapeno-basil aioli sauce. It was smooth, a little bit sour (?), and the most important thing: it made the quesadilla more exciting to be eaten.

None of the food was short of being magical. Among plenty Mexican restaurants in Melbourne, Fonda’s food suits my taste bud the most. I was a bit sad though because they alter their menu each season so I can’t eat the Mexican meatball burrito during winter
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